Why work for us

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Everything happens for a reason, like you landing on this page for example. You are here because you thought to yourself: “I’m Intrigued”.
By simply being here, you just took a BOLD step in finding out how you can have a career at MWEB.

Technology is at the core of our business, it is what we’re all about. Since our foundation in 1997, we have been committed to driving change and improving the Internet in South Africa, from the Big Black Box to the first consumer launch of Uncapped ADSL.

Other than technology, BOLD sits at the very heart of our brand and it’s what drives us to try harder, to challenge more and doubt less every day. And if being bolder is what defines us, then our brand values and behaviours are how we show it. Is this starting to sound like you?

Our Values

We’re Revolutionary. We make things happen and we know what we’re doing – because we’re the Internet specialists. Since our foundation in 1997, we have not only grown to have over 1000 staff and over 320 000 customers, we’ve grown to have the largest Internet infrastructure in South Africa supported by our parent company, the Naspers group.  Through our superior network performance, MWEB champions for a better web in South Africa, every day. You could call that a game changer.

We’re Restless. We’re always looking for solutions to improve the Internet in South Africa by making it more available and more affordable. Being the first ISP to introduce uncapped Internet in the country is the perfect example. So, you could say that we’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

We’re Real. And by real we mean that we’re committed to creating a dynamic work environment that will attract and retain a diverse range of people and talents. We’re open to innovation and brilliant ideas, and we’re not judgmental, so “that” particular necktie won’t be a problem because we accept you as you are. We respect and challenge each other each because it’s who we are. So, you could say that our success and the promise of excellent service delivery depends entirely on you being BOLD.

If you’re saying to yourself:


Then we want you to say: